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Providing a varied and stimulating programme of activities for all our care home residents and visitors has been part of our core philosophy ever since we welcomed the first half-dozen residents to our first Swindon-based care home in 1999!

As with every other aspect of our care provision, from types of accommodation and facilities to bespoke diet and medication, we never forget that every individual has different needs and also different preferences. These needs depend on a variety of factors, including a person’s age, their health or their levels of dependency and self-esteem.

Some residents are happy with a quiet chat in their room with a friendly and trusted carer. Others still like to get out and about – whether it is the local park or the theatre.

Every Coate Water Care home has a dedicated Activities Coordinator, whose role is to ensure every resident has the opportunity for mental and physical stimulation.


For our active residents we organize a whole range of care home activities: gardening, baking, sensory gardening, visits to local parks, trips to the theatre, days out at the seaside, music appreciation and live performances, poetry sessions, local history talks, exercise sessions, board games and puzzles, and yes, for those soap opera fans or crossword addicts, plenty of TVs, puzzles and board games, both in communal areas and individual rooms.

Playlist for life – Being able to respond to music is one thing that dementia cannot destroy, that is why Coate Water Care organizes regular music sessions for our residents and patients. Read more about creating meaningful playlists for your loved ones. Click here to go to the Playlist for life website.

If you are interested in working for Coate Water Care as an Activities Coordinator, please contact our Recruitment Team on 01793 821200.

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