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Care Guide Introduction

Based on current trends, average life expectancy is expected to reach a century by 2067. That means the future King William is likely to spend an awful lot of time writing birthday cards for his 100 year-old subjects! The average life span in Britain has increased by 3 months per year since Victorian times. Primarily, this is a result of medical advances and improved technology, though better food and nutrition is also a major factor.

In Britain today the average life expectancy for a man is 75 and for women it is 80. In 1870 the average was just 41 years, rising to 53 by 1913, and 69 by 1950.

Statistics, as we know, are not always a precise measure. However, what they do tell us is that the age ranges used to create these statistics have stretched, with many people now living until their late 90s and even into their 100s. At Coate Water Care we had the privilege and honour of holding a very special 103rd birthday celebration for Barbara Sismey, a wonderful lady who at the time had been our guest at Ashbury Lodge since she was just 99!

As this trend continues, so does the need for residential care with a greater emphasis on helping people retain as much independence as humanly possible.

Finding the right home and first-class care can be a difficult and daunting task. The standard of care and core caring values like dignity and respect are naturally very high on your wish list, as are more practical concerns like location and facilities. Just like buying a house, choosing the best home for yourself or a loved one is a decision that can have an impact for years.

Coate Water Care is a family-run business which has been building an outstanding reputation ever since opening its first Care Home in 1995. A major contributing factor to our outstanding reputation is the philosophy that underpins every aspect of life at our homes, based on a famous quote by Abraham Lincoln:

"And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years."

Geraldine Smith, co-founder of Coate Water Care, says, "When the time comes to choose a new home that cares for and respects your needs, Coate Water Care offers a homely environment that ensures that maintaining your privacy and independence is a priority and at the same time truly respects you as an individual. That is what we would want for ourselves and so that is what we provide for those who choose our homes."

We hope this guide will help provide answers to the many questions you may have before choosing the best residential or day care for your circumstances.

We’re here to help you

Which type of care does your loved one need? Would you like to talk to someone about the different care services? Not sure about the financial aid provided by local authorities? Whatever your question, please contact us for a confidential appraisal or to arrange an appointment to visit one of our Care Homes.

We care because you care.

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