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Checklist for initial Care Home visit

To ensure you get the most out of your fact-finding visit to a Coate Water Care Home, we recommend that you prepare a list of key questions and facts you need in order to make an informed choice.

. Consider the location, surroundings and local amenities. Is the home a practical option?

. Is the accommodation pleasant and does it cater for all your needs?

.  Provision of meals - is the menu varied with adequate medical supervision and choice?

. What leisure and social activities are provided?

. Are staff qualifications, training and relationships between staff and residents all first-class?

. Daily routines - are the timetables rigid or flexible?

. What is your first impression of the atmosphere on arrival?


. How long has the home been running and what are its origins?

. What is the Care Home’s ‘Statement of purpose’?

. Do they have a ‘Service user contract’?

. Management of the home. Who is in charge? Are they hands-on? Are they accountable?

. Fees - Can I afford this Care Home and/or can I get help with funding?

. Is this home a member of a professional association i.e. The National Care Association?

. Try and find out the home’s reputation amongst the local community

We care because you care

Let us help you find the right care for your loved ones. Please contact our ‘Welcome Team’ with any questions about care or to arrange a visit to your local Coate Water Care home. Call: 01793 821200

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