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If you or one of your loved ones has a dementia condition such as Alzheimer's, getting exactly the right kind of specialist care and support is vital. There are currently more than 800,000 people in the UK who have a type of dementia. The Alzheimer's Society calculates that this figure will rise to over a million by 2021.

If you have had your care needs assessed and have researched the various care service options, this will help with your decision on whether to remain at home, move to sheltered accommodation or move to a long-term care facility. What is really important is that the right choice is made for you, based on your ability to care of yourself. If it is proving too difficult for you to manage with everyday tasks, then selecting a care home can make a huge difference to your quality of life.

Our residential homes help ensure that the environment in which you are living is best suited to your needs as they provide specialist care for residents as and when they need it. This might include help with dressing, washing, going to the toilet and taking medicine. If you are considering a residential home, it is fundamental that you find out whether suitable care can be provided if you, or your loved one with dementia becomes more confused and dependent.

If you chose to remain in your own home, own you can attend specialist dementia day centres like the ones we organise at Coate Water Care. These day centres provide a place to socialise and take part in activities, and are staffed by people specifically trained to work with people with dementia. The aim of these centres is to create an enjoyable, motivating and stimulating environment, offering people with dementia opportunities for trips out, activities and personal care whilst giving the carers some much appreciated time to themselves.Having a purpose in life is part of the human condition, the thing that makes us feel valuable and valued. With this in mind, the dedicated staff at Coate Water Care do all they can to help residents live as independently as possible. It is fundamental that residents are consulted at all times on their personal care plan to ensure that all their emotional needs are met, as well as their physical needs. They should be encouraged to follow their own preferred routine and to choose how to spend their days.


At Coate Water Care we place huge emphasis on enabling the best possible quality of life for each individual resident as many studies demonstrate that this can make a considerable difference to people’s health.

Maintaining your sense of identity is directly related to levels of self-esteem and wellbeing. All of our homes provide a range of activities for residents, but crucially, these activities take in to account each person’s individual interests and capabilities. If we are to genuinely make life more meaningful and seek to enhance our residents’ quality of life, we need to put aside all previous assumptions about what the elderly require and actively seek their opinions about what matters to them. An annual trip to the seaside may be what society thinks older people enjoy but we believe it goes much further than this - care homes need to stop patronising and start communicating - only then can we truly call these homes for the elderly "care" homes.

Most of the Coate Water Care homes offer a day centre. This is a great way of testing a new home before committing to living there. The other advantage of a day centre is that the daily influx of visitors offers residents the chance to maintain an active social life with opportunities to meet new people and to make new friends.

We care because you care

Let us help you find the right care for your loved ones. Please contact our ‘Welcome Team’ with any questions about care or to arrange a visit to your local Coate Water Care home. Call: 01793 821200

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