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Although about 30% of people both find and fund their own care choice, everyone should take advantage of the support and guidance provided by local authorities and other organisations to ensure that they are making the most informed choice possible.

There are a variety of ways to secure more information about individual care homes. If you have had your care needs assessed by a social worker they will have given you some relevant information. However, they may not have covered all the suitable care homes in your area. You, or your family, may want to do further research on homes in your region to ensure that you have as much information as possible, helping you to feel safe in the knowledge that you are empowered to make appropriate choices.

There are around 20,000 care organisations in the UK with 500,000 places, so when drawing up a shortlist of potential homes, it is crucial that you take in to consideration exactly what type of care you require and also how easy it will be to live the life you want within the existing framework of any given care home.

What do you need to ensure your quality of life? Knowing what type of care you require is often the major consideration but all too often an individual's potential for a rich and meaningful quality of life is not given the consideration that it warrants. Obviously, a resident's physical needs are a fundamental part of the care they receive, but what is sometimes overlooked is their emotional wellbeing.

In today's society, when we think of old people, we tend to focus on the word "old", when in actual fact we need to focus more on the word "people".

In Western society, retirement is sometimes seen as a withdrawal from usefulness and active participation in society. As a direct result, older people become progressively excluded from economic and social life and can find themselves almost invisible in public life and society in general. Self-esteem may be eroded and a substantial number of older people are left feeling worthless or of little consequence. In many other cultures, especially where oral traditions are strong, older people continue to play an important role in society by passing on knowledge to younger generations.

At Coate Water Care, we are firm believers in respecting our elders, enjoying their wisdom and putting the emphasis on the “people” we care for, regardless of their age.

Let us help you find the right care for your loved ones. Please contact our ‘Welcome Team’ with any questions about care or to arrange a visit to your local Coate Water Care home. Call: 01793 821200

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