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Day Care Services

Every Coate Water Care home provides day care for older people who prefer to maintain their independence by living at home but need some support during the day, often in addition to the care they are receiving at home from family members or professional carers. The number of days and hours people will receive depends upon their assessed needs. We offer a range of therapeutic and rehabilitation services and also a variety of social and leisure activities.

Taking part in social activities in a safe and secure environment helps people cope with changing circumstances and also to avoid social isolation. Day Care also provides carers with both support and a break. Why not contact your local Coate Water Care home for further details of the Day Care facilities?


 Day Care

Our day care services are provided in these locations; Hampshire, Swindon, Wiltshire, Gloucester, Warwickshire and Worcestershire.

Let us help you find the right care for your loved ones. Please contact our ‘Welcome Team’ with any questions about care or to arrange a visit to your local Coate Water Care home. Call: 01793 821200

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