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19 June 2017

Chapel House Care Centre in Gloucester embraces the local community at summer Open Days

Like all of Coate Water Care’s seven residential homes, Chapel House Care Centre in Gloucester prides itself on creating a welcoming environment where people feel at home as soon as they walk through the door. That friendly atmosphere was very much to the fore at the residential home’s summer Open Days as the new management team were joined at the refurbished home by local residents and medical professionals alike.

“Chapel House has strong roots in the local community in Gloucester,” says Sue Houldey, Coate Water Care’s Operations Director, “and our Open Days were the perfect opportunity for local care professionals and the general public to find out more about the care services we provide and also to learn more about dementia and the way it effects not only people living with the condition, but their family and friends.”

“Our Friday Open Day was attended by local doctors, carers, nurses, social workers, home carers and care managers from other providers,” continues Sue, “and it really was a positive example of Gloucester care professionals coming together to share best practice in social care and discuss the latest advances in dementia research and treatments.”

“On the Saturday we opened our doors to the general public and the event attracted a nice mix of interested local residents and people seeking professional insight into dementia care because they have family members with the condition. There were lots of lively conversations with the Chapel House carers and many of the residents also enjoyed having a cup of tea and engaging with visitors.”

“The highlight for many people on both days was the Virtual Dementia Tour,” admits Sue. “Created in the USA, it offered people a unique opportunity to understand dementia by experiencing the world for a few minutes in the way people with conditions like Alzheimer’s do. It’s a genuinely moving experience and an amazing tool for building empathy.”

“Chapel House visitors often say that it feels more like a luxury hotel than a residential care home and we received lots of positive feedback across the weekend. However, being an integral part of the local community is not just about throwing the doors open for the occasional weekend.”

“Chapel House prides itself on being an open and transparent care provider all year round, and that means our doors are always open to visitors, whether it’s family and friends of residents, or colleagues in the local care sector. Gloucester has a very effective care community and long may it continue.” 

Chapel House Care Centre offers luxury care facilities in the heart of Gloucester, providing residential care and respite care, including 24-hour nursing care for people living with dementia.

To find out about residential care at Chapel House or to arrange a visit to any of Coate Water Care’s outstanding care homes, please contact our ‘Welcome Team’ on 01793 821200.

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