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16 January 2019

Coate Water Care rolls out ‘person-centred’ software designed to help deliver even better care.

At the heart of the first-class care provided by Coate Water Care is the professionalism and empathy of our carers, but as a forward-thinking company we also embrace technological advances that can reshape how care is delivered, how information is exchanged and how conditions at our homes are monitored.

Most of us now use advanced technical devices as part of our daily lives. Likewise, we strive to ensure that the latest digital capability is being used to its full potential to support the provision of care for our residents. To that end, Coate Water Care are trialling new ‘person-centred’ software that will eventually be rolled out across all our seven homes.

The hand-held Mobility Care Monitoring devices are easy to use, fast and icon delivered, with limited need for typing. In the hands of our carers, they offer a timely, efficient and useful way to capture and record care notes, allowing carers to update in real time the care given or information they want to note about a person rather than adding it to the paper notes at the end of a shift.

The software can be configured to show what a resident’s normal day routine is and increases what is recorded about the person so that staff and managers have a broader picture of their health and care. It also helps with reporting to CQC and streamlines internal processes, freeing up approximately an hour per day for care provision per resident.

In terms of the peace of mind of a resident’s nearest and dearest, the benefits are huge. The new software can provide a gateway for relatives, so family members can log in from a distance to read information about their loved one’s day.

Ease of communication between staff is another of the prime benefits. Carer to manager communication happens with automated escalation of important care interventions; care plans and planned care routines are also facilitated, and there are flags for overdue care and happiness indicators.

“We are genuinely excited about this new person-centred technology,” says Jamie Smith, Projects and Development Director at Coate Water Care. “Carers do their job because they love caring for people, so why wrap them up in admin work, writing daily records of what they do? This type of mobile care monitoring reduces paperwork and gives carers more time to care, improving care quality and the care cycle overall.”

Let us help you find the right care for your loved ones. Please contact our ‘Welcome Team,’ Sue or Paul on 01793 821200, with any questions about care or to arrange a visit to your local Coate Water Care home.

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