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05 March 2018

Coate Water Care thanks dedicated staff for defying the Beast from the East

The Beast from the East may have brought large swathes of Britain to a standstill, but it was not enough to stop Coate Water Care’s staff getting to work and caring for the residents of our seven care and nursing homes in Swindon, Gloucestershire, Warwickshire and Worcestershire.

Across the country, thousands of shops, schools, transport hubs and offices were forced to close as the thick snow and freezing temperatures made it impossible for people to get to work. However, a massive collective effort by all the staff at Coate Water Care made sure that it was ‘business as usual’ within the walls of our residential care homes.


Jamie Smith, Projects & Development Director at Coate Water Care is proud of the way so many staff at the family-run company responded to the extreme weather challenge: “A huge thank you to all of our amazing carers, nurses and support staff across the country who made the extra effort to make it in through the snow and bad weather to provide care for the residents of Coate Water Care’s homes up and down the country.”

“Some of our homes, like Mockley Manor in Ullenhall, Warwickshire and Downs View in Badbury, Wiltshire, are located in very rural areas and staff literally had to walk through snow drifts to get to work; some even stayed overnight. That’s what you call dedication.”

“They realize that looking after residents in a care home - especially vulnerable people living with dementia - is a 24 hour a day, 365 days a year commitment. We never stop working at Coate Water Care, whatever the circumstances and however bad the weather.”

“Residents and management really appreciate your commitment and determination to continue to maintain our outstanding services. A huge thank you!”

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