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19 January 2017

Considering a career change in 2017? Let Coate Water Care train you to become a first-class Carer.

Providing great residential care at seven outstanding care homes across four counties requires hundreds of dedicated staff - from carers, care assistants and nurses to managers, chefs and gardeners. Coate Water Care’s 300-strong team includes seasoned professionals that have been with us since the 1990s, but it also includes a healthy roster of fresher faces.

Every Coate Water Care home is blessed with wonderful carers with years of expertise in the health and care sector, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t on the lookout for promising newcomers to the care profession. If you can convince us you have the right character – bags of enthusiasm, a caring personality and boundless patience for starters – we will give you all the training you need to become a first-class carer.

As a family business with family values, we pride ourselves on offering genuine opportunities for rewarding careers. We make sure we employ only the best people and then we train them to exacting standards. A comprehensive induction programme for new care assistants includes duty and care training, dementia awareness, safeguarding, fluids and nutrition guidelines, communication, food hygiene, and health & safety.

Caring for the elderly – especially residents living with more advanced dementia – is one of the most challenging jobs in healthcare, and one which best suits a certain type of person. If you are considering becoming a professional carer then read on and see if this sounds like you…

  • Caring. If you have a caring and compassionate attitude it will make people feel comfortable in your care.
  • Respectful. Mutual respect is crucial. Elderly people like to be respected as it allows them to maintain a sense of dignity and makes them feel happy.
  • Supportive. Our residents deserve 24/7 support. They need someone that they can count on to be there for them and look out for their best interests.
  • Patient. Patience is a virtue. Elderly people are not able to do things as quickly as younger people so it’s vital that carers allow them to go at their own pace.
  • Empathy. Being able to understand the person you are caring for is crucial. Try to put yourself in their shoes and understand what’s going on in their mind and how they react to different situations.
  • Flexible. All our residents have their own unique set of needs, so you’ll need to tailor your approach depending upon those individual needs.
  • Responsible. As a caregiver you are part of a team that is responsible for giving the correct dosage of medication at the correct time

If you tick the boxes and would like to find out more about working for Coate Water Care, we would love to hear from you. Go to our Careers in Care page for more information and a list of current vacancies, or drop us a line at

Coate Water Care is a family-run company with seven outstanding care homes. Please contact our ‘Welcome Team’ Michelle or Geraldine (01793 821200) to arrange a visit to one of our care homes.

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