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04 July 2017

Day Care Services and ‘round-the-world cruises’. It’s all in a day’s work at Mockley Manor Care Home in Warwickshire.

As long-standing providers with seven care homes across four English counties, Coate Water Care are well-known as specialists in 24/7 residential care. Perhaps less well-known is the fact that our homes also provide specialist Day Care for the elderly in general and more specifically, for people living with dementia.

Day Care can work especially well for people who prefer to maintain their independence by living at home but need a degree of support during the day as back-up to the care they receive in their own homes from relatives or care visitors. The exact number of days and hours per week that people spend with us at Coate Water Care will depend on various factors, from medical needs to family logistics. 

“Providing comprehensive Day Care for people in the local community has always been part of the Coate Water Care approach,” says Rachael Crocker, manager of Mockley Manor Care and Nursing home in the pretty Warwickshire village of Ullenhall. “Being able to take part in social activities in a safe and secure environment helps people cope with changing circumstances and also to avoid social isolation. Day Care also provides family carers with both professional support and a much needed break.”

“Regardless of how much time people spend with us each week they receive the same range of therapeutic and rehabilitation services support as full-time residents, including an individual care plan and MAR charts for medication. Some people come to us every day while their family carers are at work, while others are with us a couple of days a week after previously being full-time residents receiving respite care.”

“People who join us for Day Care get to take part in the full range of social activities at Mockley Manor,” continues Rachael. “We’ve got lovely gardens here which residents and visitors really enjoy at this time of year and we’ve always got special events going on.”

“Our latest activity for residents and Day Care visitors alike is a Virtual Cruise around the world. We started in England with a traditional tea party, followed that with American Independence Day celebrations, and will carry on until Christmas when we reach our final destination, Lapland!”

“Every fortnight the Mockley Manor cruise liner will drop anchor in a different country. On that day our chefs will prepare special food based on the local cuisine while the rest of us relax listening to local music, from American crooners to Latin tangos.”

“Taking centre stage will be our staff members from countries like Poland, Romania and the Philippines; they’re already looking forward to decking the place with their national flags and wearing traditional costumes from their homelands! And watch out for a big map of the world in reception where we’ll be tracking our Virtual Cruise, country by country.”

Mockley Manor Care and Nursing Home is situated in the heart of the Warwickshire countryside only 7 miles from Redditch town centre and is easily accessible from Stratford, Solihull and the M42.

Please contact our Welcome Team on 01793 821200 to discuss Residential or Day Care services at Mockley Manor or to arrange a visit to any of Coate Water Care’s seven care homes.

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